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Forward Curved Blower

S.B. INDUSTRIES manufacturing of forward-curved Blower Capacity 800 CFM to 90000 CFM-

 V-Belt drive & Direct drive static pressure 10 mm to 150 mm W.G.

depends on the application and requirement.---

Application-- Comfort Air Conditioning, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Restaurant & Bar, Hotels, office, call centre, building, Schools, Studio, Institute, hospital, Pharma company, Clean Room, Industrial. Restaurant & Bar, Residential, Institute, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Generator Room, Etc.


Technical Specifications

SB Industries  manufacturers of forward curved Centrifugal  Blower, This catalog SB industries design  model forward curved centrifugal fans in DWDI and SWSI single width, single inlet blower wheel, DWDI (double width, double inlet) Fd type Blower  and centrifugal  blower higher efficiency and less Noise  Gi sheet  blades  impeller   clean air designs ,ventilation blowers ,and heavy-duty HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning,

higher Capacity 800 CFM to 90000 CFM-- V-Belt drive & Direct drive static pressure 10 mm to 150 mm W.G.

depends on the application and requirement.---  forward curved centrifugal blower  manufacturers in

single inlet blower wheel  centrifugal fans , centrifugal Blower  , Industrial ducting blower

Ventilation blower , air washer blower , Exhaust Blower ,  Air Cooling blower ,

 Air Handling Unit Blower,ahu blower impeller

   AC Ducting Blower , Blower Repairs & Services , Air Washer blower , Ventilation Ducting

 Blower ,   Exhaust Blower,  Ventilation System ,  Axial Flow Fan , Exhaust System Industrial

Hvac , Air Ventilation ,  Fume Exhaust blower, Air Washer Repairs & Services ,Industrial Ventilation blower,   Blower  Ventilation System Industrial, Air Pollution Control blower

Fume Scrubber blower , all type  impeller and Blower Repairs & Services 

sb industries of manufacturers all type centrifugal blower  manufacturers in forward curved  blower all type impeller

                           forward curved  blower

                  Air Washer blower

                                                   Air Handling Unit Blower

                             backward curved blower

                         Centrifugal  Blower


               heavy-duty  Centrifugal  Blower

              forward curved  blower ahu

              Air Cooling blower heavy-duty  Centrifugal  Blower

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