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Duct dampers

Installed in branches of Air Distribution Ducts, these blade dampers are used to carry out a rough air system balance with closer control being carried out at the individual grills or diffusers. Our Industrial Duct Dampers are available in Aluminum or Galvanized Steel and Motorized version also. We manufacture and supply high quality Electronic Duct Dampers all over the country.

Round Duct Dampers:
Round VCD is designed for volume control and shut off used in round ducts of 150mm to 600mm in diameter. These are also available in Aluminum & Galvanized steel.

Sound Attenuators/Duct Silencers:
We design a comprehensive range of Sound Attenuators, which are used to reduce the noise generated by fans, and impellers used in air conditioning system. The noise is relevant to the amount of work they do to move the air, much of the noise generated by the fluctuations of radiated pressure and the pressure waves are distributed approximately equally in all directions causing 'duct borne noise' and break out or 'flanking noise'.

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